Sunday Night Recap 4

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! It was the most fabulous weather here in Columbus, sunny and 60s, so I tried to really enjoy the weather as much as possible.


Friday after work I went to a spinning class. My body can’t handle running every day and I’ve been having some low back pain lately so I’ve been trying to work other things into my workouts besides running. Spinning always kicks my BUTT!

Post-spinning. Just a little sweaty.

Post-spinning. Just a little sweaty.

After the class I did a 15-minute leg circuit and am STILL sore today. Keep and eye out for the workout, it will be posted soon 🙂


Friday night I got dinner with friends and we went to a Pho restaurant, and it was amaaazing. It’s not always easy to eat healthy when you’re eating out but you can try to make the best decisions possible. I got the pho with chicken and veggies but no noodles! Less carbs and more of the good stuff 🙂


Saturday morning started off with a gorgeous 8 mile run! The perfect way to start the day. I cannot get enough of fall and the changing leaves.

2015-10-10 10.35.26 HDR


The rest of the day I hung out with friends and watched the Ohio State game. Go Bucks! One of my good college friends and old roommate was in town so it was great to see her 🙂 We had mexican for dinner and it was definitely a cheat day for me. Totally worth it.


Sunday was a low key day. I got coffee at one of my favorite local coffee shops, Staufs, with another good college friend who was in town and we caught up for two hours and it was so great. We sat on the patio and soaked up the sun and it was glorious.


Sunday ended with a 30 mile bike ride in the most perfect weather EVER. I could have kept riding forever if it wasn’t getting dark.

2015-10-04 15.18.40

Pretty great weekend overall with lots of activity and time spent outdoors. Gotta enjoy it while we can before winter comes, right???



What was the best thing you did this weekend? Did you get outdoors at all?

Have you ever had pho?

Do you like spinning classes?

Who is your favorite college football team?


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