Lower Body AMRAP 12

lower body AMRAP workout

Well as I sit stuck in the Chicago airport, I thought I would share this awesome workout with you!! 🙂 #silverlining


This workout is an AMRAP — in other words, “as many rounds as possible.” In these types of workouts you do as many rounds of the circuit as you can in the set time frame. The great thing about AMRAPs is that you really can set the time of the AMRAP to be whatever you feel like or however much time you have that day. I did this one for 20 minutes but feel free to adjust as you want.


Make sure you’re pushing your pace and working hard during this circuit to get the most benefit. Try to rest as little as possible while you’re doing it. The harder you work, the higher the benefits!


The last exercise in the circuit requires an exercise band – if you don’t have one, just swap this exercise out with some other leg exercise. If you feel up for it or want an extra challenge add kettle bells or dumbbells to some (or all!) of the exercises.

Here’s the workout:


Start your timer!


If you’re doing this for 20 minutes, try to get 4 or more rounds!



Lower Body AMRAP

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