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I’ve got a great workout for you!! I am trying to incorporate more high intensity circuits into my exercise routine so you can expect to see a bunch of these babies coming up. I usually just run or do the elliptical and then do some kind of lift every now and then, but my body is so used to doing that same routine it is a breeze. Incorporating more of these “cross-fit style” workouts into your routine mixes it up and gets your heart rate going and your body working harder doing exercises it might not be used to.


If you think this circuit sounds easy… trust me its not! I worked up quite a sweat by the end. I also am not a fan of rowing so that especially tested my mental state as well. The goal is to get through 5 rounds of this circuit as fast as you can! If you need to modify it or are short on time you can do fewer rounds but make sure you are still working hard!

high intensity total body worout via @simplefitfoodie

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In these types of workouts you get out exactly what you put into them. If you go slow and easy you probably wont see many results, but if you really push yourself and get your heart rate pumping, you’ll be surprised how a seemily simple workout can turn into a tough one.

I did 5 rounds in 39:49…can you beat me?? Let me know what you think when you try it out and how you did!

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