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2016 Simple Fit Foodie Goals

Hello, 2016! 2015 was a great one but I have a feeling 2016 will be even better. 🙂


A few of many 2015 highlights were getting my masters, starting and leading a brand new research project at work, and starting this blog! Since I started this blog in October, 2015 for Simple Fit Foodie was really just starting to figure things out — setting up my site (which took time but was easier than I expected thanks to Bluehost*), figuring out how the blog world works, getting involved in the health and fitness blogging community, and starting to research what successful blogs do. I still have a lot to figure out but I am finally feeling like I semi-know what I am doing. The Bloggers Gonna Blog Facebook group I joined has been suuuuper helpful, I am so lucky to be a part of that community!


Heres my instagram #2015bestnine! Top 9 photos of instagram.  Quite a few are from the blog which is still just beginning 🙂 If you don’t already follow me on instagram.. do it!! It is my fave.


So now that I am starting to figure things out somewhat, I am learning what I need to work on to be a better health and fitness blogger, which brings me to my 2016 goals for Simple Fit Foodie!

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  • Improve my photography

My dream is to be accepted to foodgawker. and/or tastespotting. I have applied to both multiple times and been rejected… which has made me realize I need to step my photo game, haha! I got photoshop for Christmas so now I just have to learn the best way to use it. Its just so easy to use my smartphone but I have a real camera and need to be better about using it too.

  • Be more involved in the health and fitness blogging community

Being in the BGB community has really helped meeting a bunch of health and fitness bloggers but I want to continue to increase my involvement on social media as well as with other bloggers. I am also planning to participate in some foodie and fitness link-ups to get the SFF name out there more! It would be super cool to do a Columbus or Ohio or even midwest bloggers meet-up if possible, so I am keeping my eye out for those!!

  • Be more organized with my posts — plan them ahead and stick to it!

This one is easier said than done especially when work and life gets busy, but I need to try to be better about this. I just got a blogging journal over break so I am planning to use that to schedule posts out and brainstorm and plan post and recipe ideas so I can get you all the best posts possible. 🙂

  • Post more about running and training

This is such a big part of my life and I don’t post nearly as much about it as I should. Mostly this has been because I havent been following a training plan at all and I am not training for any big races currently (YET) but I am planning to sign up for the Columbus Cap City Half Marathon this spring (really soon I think!!!) so that will be motivation to somewhat follow a training plan and then post about it! I also REALLY want to do some type of mud run this summer. And mayyyybe train for a triathlon. SO much to do so little time. haha! But long story short, I should have some fun runs and training to report about coming up in 2016!

  • Increase number of people who subscribe to Simple Fit Foodie

Right now the number of people who subscribe to the blog is quite small so I would love to get that number up in 2016! I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers have some incentive to get people sign up (free recipes, workouts, eBooks, etc.) so I may start working on something like that to increase incentive to sign up for the blog. Stay tuned! 🙂


We will see how 2016 goes and how many of these goals actually get accomplished. Thanks to all my loyal readers who have stuck with me these first three months of blogging!!! You guys rock. I am still a newbie but things can only go up right?! 🙂




What are your 2016 goals?

Do you have any new years resolutions?

What was your favorite Christmas cookie you had this year?

What was your biggest 2015 highlight?



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