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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog, Simple Fit Foodie. 🙂


My name is Margaret and I love all things relating to health and fitness! I am currently getting my PhD in Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University. GO BUCKS! I work in a Sports Biomechanics Lab doing research that uses motion analysis to further our knowledge about running injuries and how to prevent them.

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I’ve been an athlete as long as I can remember, playing volleyball all the way through college. Near the end of my collegiate career I started to pick up running as a hobby and fell in love with it.


vb team

My volleyball team at the College of Wooster. Go Scots!



Since then I have ran in more races than I can count and have done one half marathon! I am by no means a speed demon but I keep up with the pack well and am always pushing myself to be better every day. I am contemplating training for another Half this upcoming spring possibly….!


The Ohio State 4 Miler

columbus 10k

Columbus 10k  


Columbus Run Like a Girl 10k #willrunforwine

cap city half

My first half marathon! Cap City Half 2013 — 2:00:09 

warrior dash collage

Ohio Warrior Dash 5k


As I am getting older I have started to realize my body cannot handle  only running all the time… #oldpeopleproblems and I am not even that old! So I have started getting into other types of fitness, like lifting and biking.

2015-09-26 09.56.52

Biking with my bestie and roomie, Leiah!

     2015-09-10 17.36.53



Lifting at the best gym EVER, 11athletics! Seriously though. If you’re in Columbus, check it out.


Helping people reduce their injury risk is one way of staying healthy, but there are so many other aspects of living a healthy life that I am passionate about and can’t wait to share with you all! My main goal is to share with you the simple ways I try to keep living as healthy a life as possible and maybe I will inspire you to do the same.


You can expect to see all kinds of things on the blog from some of my favorite (EASY) healthy recipes to different workout ideas. I work full time so I (just like you probably) don’t have time for complicated recipes that need 20 ingredients and have 15 steps. I promise you will not see any recipes like that on the blog. But you will see recipes that are healthy, easy, and delicious!


In the health and fitness world, so many people claim this or that is healthy or will help you lose weight or that some vitamin will change your life. And the worst part is that so many of these claims are backed by no science or evidence or experience! I will also be trying to simplify some of these claims backed with some kind of evidence, hopefully to make it clearer what to believe or not believe.


Lastly, recently I have been starting to focus on my mental health in addition to my physical health, so you can expect to see things on the blog relating to mind and soul wellness as well as physical fitness. I realized I have always been so consumed with my physical health, that I have put my mental health on the back burner without even realizing it. We all have things like stress and anxiety in our lives for whatever reason it may be and not dealing with it properly can affect many other aspects of our lives and can actually be detrimental to our physical health. Studies have shown stress can lead to a weakened immune system and “fewer natural killer cells” that fight off tumors and viral infections.


Thanks for reading this and having an interest in my blog, I hope you like it!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or with ideas of things you might like to see on the blog!! And if you really love the blog, subscribe to it (left sidebar or bottom of page) so you get email updates when there are new posts 🙂 Also don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


No “about me” page would be complete with out a picture of my family…

2015-08-16 17.21.10

My brother Marty, Mom, Dad, Me, and my boyfriend Greg


…and a picture of the love of my life. 🙂

ringo 1

Me and my babe, Ringo!

ringo 2


And this guy is OK too I guess 🙂

Greg and I

Greg and I