15-minute Booty Toning Workout 4

Even if you’re pressed for time, you have time to do this 15-minute Booty Toning workout! (workout modified from Nike Training). Or add it to the end of a cardio workout to get a little extra leg work in. I did this workout the other day after a spinning class and I was sore for at least 3 days after. I guess I have been slacking on my glute exercises…


No counting necessary, just set your timer and GO! Do your best not to rest at all until the 15 minutes is over. Your legs get a 1 minute break each round while you do a core exercise of your choice.


5 exercises, 1 min each, 3 rounds total:

1 min single leg clock squat with dumbbells (30 sec each leg)

— go slow and controlled, keep the knee that’s bending behind the toes

single leg clock squat

1 minute alternating step back lunges with dumbbells

— keep weight in front heel, keep knee behind toes

step back lunge


1 minute split squat jumps (if you cant make it 1 minute total — i cant!! — then do a few and take a little break, do more, take a break, etc)

split squat jumps

1 minute pulse lunges (30 sec each leg)

pulse lunge

1 minute core exercise of choice




15-minute booty toning circuit

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