12-minute Arm Blaster Circuit 1

12-minute arm blaster workout


I love circuits. The main reason being that they keep you occupied and you work a lot of muscles in as short of a time as possible! Plus, if you push yourself to really get through the circuit quickly, you not only get a good strength workout but also a cardio workout by getting your heart rate up.


Try this circuit for a quick way to blast those arms. Adjust weight accordingly so it is challenging but you can still perform all the reps with proper form. If you aren’t at the gym or don’t have a barbell handy then just use dumbbells or kettlebells.


This circuit took me 12 minutes and 26 seconds.




4 rounds – as fast as possible:

12 reps – Push Press – 40 lb bar

12 reps – Bent Over Barbell Row –  40 lb bar

12 reps (each side) – Bicep curls – 15 lb kettlebell

8 Tricep Pushups

8 Burpees




If its not hard enough for you, add more weight or add more rounds. Or both! 🙂



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